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    Six Packs

    Six Pack Workouts
    Date2015.07.21 Category5th Code: Record Views52987
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    Red Box Project - 5th Code: Record

    Red Box Project - 5th Code: Record # 좋은 습관 만들기 - 아침 5시 30분 일어나기 - 아침, 점심 식사 규칙적인 시간에 꼭 챙겨 먹기 (아침은 야채가 풍부한 샌드위치와 우유, 점심은 한식) - 저녁 식사는 최대한 가볍게 먹을 것 - 저녁 6시 이후 개인적으로 야식 먹지 ...
    Date2015.07.20 Category5th Code: Record Views49740
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  3. Plan for the second half of 2012

    Plan for the second half of 2012 1. Goal of 2012: Be the Hogeon (愼獨) I want to make 2012 marked as “Turning Point” in my life. To do so, I promised myself to spend this year rebuilding myself to the person who I really want to be. By behaving in Ho...
    Date2012.08.07 Category4th Code: Be the Hogeon Views25443
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  4. To the Top

    독서 수영 헬스 영어 수학 Matlab 로봇 살사 뉴스 서호건.... 지금 이런게 중요한 게 아니다. 넌 지금 네 자신을 확인해야 한다. "To the Top of Me" : TTM Project 나의 정상을 향하여!
    Date2010.12.20 CategoryOn going: Red Box Project Views48725
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  5. the Last Twelve Days Project : He's crazy.

    the Last Twelve Days Project : He's crazy.
    Date2010.08.15 Category2nd Code: Kairos Views10543
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  6. 살사 시작 6주 후!

    왕초보 살사 6주 강습받고~ 나름 뿌듯! 이렇게 열심히 배우면! 10년 안에 꼭 대회 출전하는 날이 오겠지!!! 파이어~ㅋ
    Date2010.04.07 Views3432
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    Task Force

    Task Force 외부 사이트 접근 시스템 블로그 접속 시스템
    Date2010.03.06 Category2nd Code: Kairos Views5825
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  8. Producing Log - FXRoboTree.Com : Web Community

    www.fxrobotree.com Producing Log - RoboTree.Com : Web Community 2010/3/5 XE Setting 2010/3/6 Site Open Layout Setting Menu Adding Blog API Sync - Succeed
    Date2010.03.06 Category2nd Code: Kairos Views6725
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  9. 2nd Code : Kairos

    Date2010.03.05 CategoryOn going: Red Box Project Views46457
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  10. The 1st Week of November, Works I have to do.

    # Analyze the result of R.B.P.(Red Box Project - Season 2) during August ~ October -> Complement and modify the plan -> Draw up the final plan of staying out of school temporarilty # Select Role Models for each field and Books I will read. # Arrange t...
    Date2009.11.03 Category2nd Code: Kairos Views47803
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  11. Sexy Body

    # Present Condition : I'm evolving from a primitive man into a sexy edge guy 5th July, 2007 Being Korea Bike Tour at Sokcho (Cycle all day long) 11th July, 2009 Approching Demobilization (Exercise for 6 Months) 22th October, 2009 Now (Exercise for 10 ...
    Date2009.10.29 Category2nd Code: Kairos Views48656
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    FX RoboTree (Robot Global Community)

    www.fxrobotree.com FX RoboTree (Global RobotCommunity) Robot + Tree = Growing Robot's Dream Well!!! # Visior Constitution - 3 Group Root - Robot Expert, Professor, Scientist, Engineer Stem - Robot Mania, Student, Researcher Leaf - People concerned wi...
    Date2009.10.29 Category2nd Code: Kairos Views10417
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  13. Master Swimming

    I started learning to swim on 19th October by joining Health Club. I hadn't learned to swim ever before, so I needed to start from beginner's course. But I thought i... my motor nerve was very good, so I started from basic course. And now, It was good...
    Date2009.10.28 Category2nd Code: Kairos Views10844
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    독서 목록 (2008년도 ~ 2009년도 8월까지)

     2008년도 독서 목록 ※ 다이어리에 기록이 남은 것만 추려낸 것임. 번호 도서명 저자 읽은 날짜 평가 1 The Secret Ronda Burne 08. 3. 10   2 죄와 벌 도스토예프스키 08. 3. 10 (3/4) So So 3 Fly, Daddy fly 와타나베 준이치 08. 3. 23 ~ 08. 3. 24 So So 4 젊은 ...
    Date2009.10.14 Category2nd Code: Kairos Views6643
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  15. [초안] Season 2 (Fly to the Moon)

    원본 PDF 파일 다운로드 (클릭)
    Date2009.08.01 CategoryOn going: Red Box Project Views5374
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  16. Green Box Project Report

    - 문서 원본은 PDF파일로 첨부 함 -
    Date2009.07.20 CategoryGreen Box Project Views48361
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  17. 휴학계획서 초안 - 09년 3월 2일 작성

    휴학계획서 초안 - 09년 3월 2일 작성
    Date2009.07.19 CategoryOn going: Red Box Project Views5588
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    7,8월 중으로 해야할 일!

    7월 중으로 해야할 일...! Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, PHP Language, ASPX Language, MS Office Program 공부 FX 로고 디자인 선정 개인 홈페이지 리뉴얼 개인 자료 표준화 양식 완성 미등록 자료 데이터베이스화 새 명함 디자인 선정 및 인쇄 휴학 계획서 최...
    Date2009.07.13 Category2nd Code: Kairos Views6225
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    2007 University Sophomore Midterm-Exam Plan

    2007 University Sophomore Midterm-Exam Plan *Time which I can spend studying & Monday ~ Friday : 6 hours (P.M. 6:00 ~ 12:00) * 5 days = 30 h * 2 weeks = 60 hours & Weekend : 13 hours * 2 days = 26 hours * 2weeks = 52 hours & 2007. 4. 1. ~ ...
    Date2007.04.02 Category2nd Code: Kairos Views7154
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  20. Books I want to read

    [도서] 연필과 파스텔의 인물화 기법 미술신서 34 조중구 저 | 재원 | 2002년 05월 [도서] 알기쉬운 인체 데생 ART TECHNIQUE 6 미술도서연구회 편 | 상투스 | 2005년 09월 [도서] 나나 너나 할 수 있다 금나나 저 | 김영사 | 2004년 08월 [도서] 세상의 중심에서 사랑...
    Date2007.02.25 Category2nd Code: Kairos Views7271
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