34 Days

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34 Days

Me2day Yozm
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    from. 서호건   on 2010.08.08 14:59  (*.138.46.192)

    Writing - S-T-2-03

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    from. 서호건   on 2010.08.08 16:08  (*.138.46.192)

    Speaking - Q.26

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    from. 서호건   on 2010.08.08 17:15  (*.138.46.192)

    Speaking - C4-B-07

    Speaking - C4-T-07

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    from. 서호건   on 2010.08.08 17:56  (*.138.46.192)


    You know...?

    Who is a true winner in our life?

    The one is the person who pursue his or her dreams and... finally get the goals!

    It is often said that Capitalism is unequal and only advantageous for those who have much more money.

    But I don't think so. I don't agree with that idea. It's just like the feeling of being victimized.

    As I have experienced these days, especially during one year passed since I return to society from army, I realize who I am, why I don't have something, and why I couldn't do something.

    Now, I know... which points are my strengths as well as which points are my weaknesses.

    I become able to control my will and my mind.

    I can now understand why I did like that, why I am likely to do like that. Also, I can see what I would do.

    This time was a little bit tough... and... painstaking for me.

    Even still it continues, not ends yet. But I think a series of these experience are really valuable for my future life.

    And I will prove myself what I can make and how I can make it in the capitalistic society.

    Trust... Trust...! Do it!

    Do you think really you don't have anything?

    Think! Think about!!! Your time. Your own time, which can't be derived from you by anybody in the this world.

    Why do I like Capitalism...? Why do I think the world is fair...?

    That's because we have our own time even thought the system often make us hard... burdensome.... cumbersome.

    Some people might think entire freedom makes us feel happy. But, that's not true.

    It is only possible at first and within a very short time. They will feel bored, inactive, languid due to no stress as time goes by.

    Capitalism offer us opportunity to be better person, better? I think... "richer" is better expression since the word "better" is so subjective expression.

    Capitalism offer us chance to be a richer who can enjoy what they want but others who can't afford for it are not able to do. More importantly, the opportunity always require the responsibility as much as they can control. This point make the Capitalism sense. without our responsibility, without freedom.

    I don't want to deny that in the Universe only strong species can survive.

    That's why we strive to be stronger. If we avoid to do that, our existence is susceptible to be put in serious danger or most badly death.

    This is real life. we are... living in real wild world. It' like kind of war... existing war for survival.

    We should see the word objectively as a just specie of all organism.

    We are not guaranteed to live without worry. If it were possible, that's really unfair for other species who always try to perform themselves best to survive. We should feel shame about that kind of thought.

    This doesn't mean that you have to worry. Instead, we should gratify what we already have and cherish our own time. Then, try our best to be better person for not only our society but also all of the world; the universe.


    Yes, sometimes it is really vicious. but, everything has it pros and cons.

    Just what we can do is focusing on the positive sphere of everything.

    Please don't let yourself spend your valuable time thinking negative things.

    We don't have enough time and resources to lavish anything because we are not a richer yet.

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    from. 서호건   on 2010.08.08 20:39  (*.138.46.192)

    Reading - S-Ch.2-2 : 9/16

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    from. 서호건   on 2010.08.08 21:35  (*.138.46.192)

    Speaking - C5-B-07

    Speaking - C5-T-07

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    from. 서호건   on 2010.08.09 01:30  (*.138.46.192)

    Writing - Ess-05 : 1/2

    Listening - S-LT-12 : 3/6

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    from. 서호건   on 2010.08.09 02:33  (*.138.46.192)

    Writing - Ess-05

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    from. 서호건   on 2010.08.09 03:50  (*.138.46.192)

    Listening - S-Ch.1-5-HP : 11/13

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