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White Palace, 1990

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White Palace (1990) Susan Sarandon (Dual ENG-FRA,opt.SWESUBS)_Kuth.avi_003187800.jpg
Nora: Oh, bullshit.
You were embarrassed to take me there, weren't you?
Max: Nora, that's not true.                   

Nora: I want you know
there's nothing I hate more than being lied to.
I'd rather have a man beat me up.
At least then you stand a chance of defending yourself.

You know, every time we have a date... 
and you show up on time...
I'm so damn grateful, it's downright sickening. Because I don't expect you to show up at all.

But you do. And every time you do, I just can't believe it.
And I'm so damn happy because... because I'm thinking maybe you'll stick around a while.

And I'm believing in you. Because you told me the first time that I met you... that you didn't gobble and you didn't lie.

White Palace (1990) Susan Sarandon (Dual ENG-FRA,opt.SWESUBS)_Kuth.avi_004686880.jpg

Sherri: I don't know who you are or where you came from
but you're a guest in this house, and there was a Janey,
but no one is mad at you, and we don't want to judge you,
and I don't think...
you should be so fast to judge other people's blow jobs... because what you see isn't always what you get.


White Palace (1990) Susan Sarandon (Dual ENG-FRA,opt.SWESUBS)_Kuth.avi_004883560.jpg
Max: You lied to me. How can you talk to me about lying?
What about that thing you 
carry around with you all day...
that I never hear about? What about Charlie?
Judy told me the truth about Charlie.
You leave my Charlie out of this.

Nora: That's none of your business.

Max: I took you into my life tonight. It is my business. 

Nora: You were trapped into it.

Max: I took you there.

Nora: Max, what are you going to do?
Just going to keep me in some little box... and take me out whenever you feel like playing with me?
Do you think I'm a fool?

Max: No, I don't think you're a fool.

Nora: I just wanted to get that straight. Now leave me alone, will you?


Dear Max, by the time you read this letter, 
I'll be gone. You won't believe me, but I'm doing this for both of us.
If I told you where I'm at, it would only make it harder on us, so I won't.
Charlie is the only thing I ever lied about to you.
The rest is true, including how you made me feel... real good about myself sometimes.
Yeah, sometimes I think Charlie did it... to get back at his father and me.
We weren't the best parents, and I guess that's something...
I'll always have trouble having in my heart. I'm sorry about what happened...
but I know it's wrong for us to be together... even though I love you.
So I'm leaving town. Please don't look for me. No matter what you say you feel about me...
I know one thing for sure. You can't look me in the eye... and tell me I don't embarrass you.
Good-bye. Love, Nora.


White Palace (1990) Susan Sarandon (Dual ENG-FRA,opt.SWESUBS)_Kuth.avi_005647680.jpgNora: You get yourself a... a nice young girl... 
with a college education who won't embarrass you.

Max: You're not an embarrassment to me. 
I'm an embarrassment to me.

Nora: I just got this job. I don't want to lose it.

Max: I thought that you didn't fit into my life,
but it was me who didn't fit.
White Palace (1990) Susan Sarandon (Dual ENG-FRA,opt.SWESUBS)_Kuth.avi_005560760.jpg

Nora: Go back to St. Louis.

Max: I don't live in St. Louis anymore. I left St. Louis.
I quit my job, and I quit the city.
I just looked at a room to rent over at 49th and 9th Avenue.
It has a little stove and a little refrigerator...
and a view of the trash cans.
All I need now is a job. I'd like to go back to teaching.

Nora: Max, people just don't change overnight.

Max: People discover things... about themselves in life, don't they?
And they only hope that it isn't too late. I don't want a nice young girl.
I had a nice young girl. I want you. I love you, Nora.


Nora: What will you have?

Max: You got any Oak Ridge Boys?

Nora: Honey, I got everything you need.

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